How to Repair Broken WinRAR File?

RAR is a type of archive file format of WinRAR that supports compression, error recovery and file spanning. Data compression is one of the best techniques to save the storage space and bandwidth. Archive files collect various related files such as bmp, doc, xlsx, tiff, jpeg etc. within an enclosure. File spanning is a technique of RAR, which is capable of splitting a single archive into many smaller files. RAR files are split into parts with file extensions such as p1.rar, p2.rar, p3.rar etc. This is very helpful when you transfer huge amount of data over a network or for storing large files on smaller volumes. By using this large file sizes such as videos, programs, can be downloaded into smaller chunks.

You might have got error message due to incomplete download and interruption during downloading process. In such case, you can solve this problem by using a repairing tool to know how to repair broken WinRAR file. WinRAR repair tool can fix corrupted, broken and password protected WinRAR file easily. It has inbuilt powerful algorithms to fix WinRAR which is severely corrupted. This tool has an ability to WinRAR repair files, which are having 4 GB or more size and supports all latest versions of Microsoft Windows. In case WinRAR can't extract file name too long, then this remarkable tool makes it possible to fix the issue in few simple steps. To know how to fix WinRAR file with too long file name, click over here:'t-extract-file-name-too-long.html

Some basic scenarios of broken WinRAR file:

Interruption while downloading: WinRAR file structure gets damaged if any interruption takes place during the process of downloading. Then you need to use WinRAR repair tool to WinRAR errors fix.

External threats: Virus attack is one of the main causes for RAR file corruption. Viruses are considered as an external threat which has the ability to infect your RAR file severely. Installing and using third party applications for unzipping purpose may increase the chances of virus attack which will ultimately break your WinRAR file.

Changing file extension: Renaming the file with an inappropriate extension can corrupt your RAR file. For example, renaming a file from xyz.rar to xyz.jpeg will only change the name without showing the contents of the files. It makes the file unusable and it will not function as a RAR file. And you need to repair and recover data from corrupted WinRAR files by using this effective repair tool.

Windows Registry corruption:If the WinRAR file association is damaged in Windows Registry where the entire configuration info about the system is stored then also WinRAR file becomes inaccessible. Windows Registry may get corrupted due to virus attacks, user errors, improper installation of the Software or due to software malfunction.

There are many ways to get rid of broken WinRAR files Such as:

  • Use reliable download management utility in order to avoid any kind of interruption while downloading process.
  • Scan each and every WinRAR files before unzipping it by using any third party application.
  • Never change the file extension to any other unsupported file format.
  • Protect your storage disk from any kind of physical damage in order to avoid WinRAR file broken.

Even after following these precautionary steps, if WinRAR file gets broken and WinRAR error cannot extract file message pops up on your screen then make use of WinRAR Repair utility and fix the error.

Features of WinRAR errors repair tool:

  • Recover data from corrupt WinRAR folders and fix WinRAR CRC failed.
  • Fixes data integration from corrupt WinRAR files as and when required.
  • Easily repairs multiple WinRAR files at one go.
  • Repair and recover entire information from corrupt file.
  • WinRAR archive repair with the help of effective set of algorithms.
  • Recovers data from corrupt WinRAR files irrespective of software that was used to create them.
  • Easy to use graphical interactive screen.

Steps to repair broken WinRAR file:

Step 1: Download and install Broken WinRAR repair tool for free of cost. Once you launch the software, the main window is displayed. After that, you need to brows and select you WinRAR file using “BROWSE” button.

WinRAR Repair- Main screen

Step 2: As soon as you select the broken file, you have to click on the “REPAIR” button in order to commence repair process.

WinRAR Repair- click on Repair

Step 3: A new window will open where the software will start scanning the entire broken WinRAR file. As soon as the scanning process is over, you will be able to view your repaired and save it in desired location by click on “SAVE” button.

WinRAR Repair- save repaired file