Fix WinRAR Errors with ease

Sometimes when users try to send large sized or many files together in a mail, they get error message that the size limit has exceeded. Under such situations, users must either send separate files in different emails or choose compression tools. WinRAR files provide best way to transfer more than one file at a time. WinRAR files can be created by compression utilities or by Windows Operating system that has default features like add to archive and email, compress etc. The compressed file can be easily transferred between different systems over the network.

Occasionally if you have difficulty in opening a WinRAR file then it is probably because the file archive is broken. If you ever try to open a corrupt WinRAR file then it will deny opening in normal way and showing an error message asking you to repair the archive. An error denies a user access to the compressed files. To view the files, you have to know how to fix WinRAR errors with the help of file repair tools. WinRAR repair tool is a well-known application which can repair WinRAR file. It has easy-to-use interface, which can be operated by any user. It is a read only application which means it makes sure that the original contents remain intact. This software allows you to preview the repaired files before saving them in a particular location. Also, it helps to repair multiple RAR files which are corrupted or unable to extract due to some reasons.

Some basic scenarios responsible for WinRAR errors:

Improper Download: You might have not downloaded the entire file properly due to low internet connectivity or improper internet connection. Interruption like a sudden power failure or abrupt system shutdown while downloading the WinRAR file may also cause the WinRAR file corruption.

Corruption while transferring WinRAR files through the Internet: Binary mode need to be used before transferring compressed files like WinRAR files. Avoiding usage of binary mode may corrupt WinRAR file while transferring through internet.

Other Reasons: Operating System crash, power failure or abrupt system shutdown are the common problems that cause WinRAR file corruption.

These are some of the most common scenarios under which your WinRAR file gets error. Once your WinRAR file gets corrupted, you will be able to see certain errors which will restrict you to access your WinRAR file. Some of the errors are as mentioned below: -

Memory error: This error message is displayed when there is not enough memory to operate WinRAR file.

CRC error: This is the common error which occurs while unzipping any WinRAR file.

Write error: This error occurs when there is a problem with the disk. If this error takes place then you will not be able to access your WinRAR file.

Features of WinRAR errors repair:

The RAR Repair Software is all in one solution. It can repair broken WinRAR files as well as recover the contents from damaged / corrupted WinRAR file.

You can easily fix WinRAR access denied error that occoured after damage or corruption on any version of WinRAR like WinRAR 1.3, WinRAR 1.5, WinRAR 2 and WinRAR 3. using WinRAR repairing program at utmost ease.

If RAR file is corrupted due to incomplete or improper download then also you can use this software.

It can easily fix WinRAR archive. It also has also ability to fix password protected WinRAR files with utmost ease.

Software helps you to repair CRC failed error in WinRAR and it supports all versions of Microsoft Windows operating system.

Learn how to fix WinRAR errors by using the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Download and install free trial version of WinRAR errors repair tool. After installation, the main window pops-up. After that, you need to browse and select you WinRAR file using "BROWSE" button.

How to Fix WinRAR Errors - Main screen

Step 2: As soon as you select the corrupted / damaged file, you have to click on the "REPAIR" button in order to start repair process.

How to Fix WinRAR Errors - Click on Repair

Step 3: A new window will open where the software will start scanning the entire corrupted / damaged WinRAR file. As soon as the scanning process is over, you will be able to preview and save your repaired file.

How to Fix WinRAR Errors - Save Repaired File

Precaution to be followed to avoid errors in WinRAR:

  • Use antivirus program to avoid WinRAR file corruption due to virus attack.
  • Make sure that internet connection is proper while downloading any WinRAR file from the internet.
  • Use UPS in your computer to avoid any interruption in downloading process due to power failure.
  • The best solution is to keep an updated backup of the important WinRAR files.