Fix WinRAR after CRC Failed Error

WinRAR is basically a file format utilized for transferring bulky files and folders over the network by compressing them with the help of numerous compression algorithms or techniques. In other words, compressing multiple files into a single file called WinRAR archive.

CRC error is one of the scenarios responsible for WinRAR file damage. It occurs when there is some problem in unzipping RAR files. CRC error means that the disc has failed to perform Cyclic Redundancy Check. It takes place because of intentional damage, dust, scratches etc. The main logic behind it is that there is a rotating checksum for each and every byte, when that checksum doesn’t match up because of any reason then this CRC message will pop up and it will restrict the unzipping process of RAR files. It consists of an analysis to make sure that files when copying / moving on the other side also appear properly. If the WinRAR file is corrupt because of any reason, the process of checking will stop at that particular time and you need to re-download the file or you have to take the help of reliable WinRAR repair tool in order to know how to fix WinRAR successfully.

Reasons responsible for CRC error in WinRAR:

Changing file extension: It is one of the major reasons for CRC failed. Changing file extension can corrupt your WinRAR file. For example, if you want to rename a file from ‘abc.jpeg’ to ‘abc.rar’ will create a problem in accessing it.

Interruption while downloading: WinRAR file structure gets damaged if any interruption takes place during the process of downloading. It is necessary to keep an eye on your system while the download process is going on. There are many tools available nowadays such as Download management program in order to avoid any kind of interruption during the execution of download process. However you can repair unreadable RAR file using repair software.

External threats: Virus attack is one of the main causes for WinRAR file corruption. Viruses are considered as an external threat which has the ability to infect your WinRAR file severely. Installing and using third party applications for unzipping purpose may increase the chances of virus attack which will ultimately damage your WinRAR file.

File Header corruption: The file header contains the entire information regarding that particular file. If the file header gets corrupted then you may get "Header Corrupt" error message, which does not allow you to access the contents from it. Then you need to fix WinRAR errors using WinRAR repair tool.

Other Reasons: Operating System crash, power failure or abrupt system shutdown are the common problems that cause WinRAR file corruption.

Features of WinRAR repair tool:

WinRAR Repair tool helps to perform broken WinRAR file repair within a moment. It is an advanced tool that repairs all the versions of WinRAR files under any scenario.

It has powerful repair algorithm and intuitive interface, which can fix WinRAR access denied error and many other error that occurs due to corruption of RAR file on Vista, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows server 2003 and 2008.

It can fix WinRAR archive without damaging the file structure of the source file. It helps to preview files from corrupt WinRAR file before actual data restoration.

This tool is very user-friendly and it easily recovers all your damaged files in quick easy steps.

How to repair WinRAR CRC failed:

Step 1: Download and install free demo version of WinRAR CRC failed repair tool. Once you launch the software, the main window is displayed. After that, you need to browse and select you WinRAR file using "BROWSE" button.

WinRAR CRC Failed Repair - Main screen

Step 2: As soon as you select the corrupted / damaged file, you have to click on the "REPAIR" button in order to commence repair process.

WinRAR CRC Failed Repair - Click on Repair

Step 3: A new window will open where the software will start scanning the entire corrupted / damaged WinRAR file. As soon as the scanning process is over, you will be able to preview and save it in desired location.

WinRAR CRC Failed Repair - Save Repaired File

Precautions to be followed to avoid CRC failed on WinRAR:

  • Backup regularly to protect your data from unforeseen corruptions.
  • Avoid having interruptions during file transfer like sudden shutdown, power failure, internet connection error.
  • Use quality anti-virus programs.

Even after taking care of these precautions, if you come across CRC error when try to open or extract WinRAR file, then you can easily utilize this application and fix the error in few steps. For more details, you can watch this video and get clear cut idea on how to fix CRC in RAR file in few clicks.