Windows 7 Registry Cleaner

Windows 7 is one of the most widely used operating system which has good performance. It has been seen that over the time of use it starts working slow. Most of the time performance of Windows 7 computer goes down due to accumulation of unwanted registry files on your computer. Registry files are one of the most common reasons which might be responsible for degradation in the performance of Windows 7 computer. Registry is nothing but batch files which keeps information about all the configuration of your system.  Every program installed on your computer has its registry file which contains information about it. If you have uninstalled a program then chances are high that its registry entry might remain unchanged which then becomes unwanted and does nothing but occupy your hard drive memory space. If the size of such types of unused files get increased then it starts affecting the speed of your Windows 7.

There might be hundreds of registry files on your system and new entries keep get creating as you install new application on your system. Such type of issues which is related to registry and responsible for your slow system performance cannot be tolerated. You have to sort out these issues as soon as possible to gain your system’s performance. Once you perform cleanup of your registry then Windows 7 performance improves and it takes comparatively less time for booting. Cleaning registry is something which you should perform with carefully as it is a very sensitive part of computer which contains extremely crucial data. Any type of inappropriate modification to this folder can put you at the center of an unexpected tragedy. Thus, you should be a bit extra careful while deleting registry from your system.

Unless you do not have good knowledge about these registry files, you are not supposed to make any chances in your registry folder. Thus in such type of situation you should make use of an automated tool which can easily and effectively scan and display a list of unwanted registry entries. Remo MORE is such type of tool which fits in situation like this. MORE tells you about all the registry files which are stored on your Windows 7 computer and which are serving no purpose other than slowing its speed.  This tool not only shows you the list of useless registry files but also gives you a facility to delete registry entry whichever you want to remove from your system. Remo MORE is available absolutely free and it can be downloaded from internet in just few seconds.  If you are one of those who are facing the accumulation of unwanted registry on their system and looking to clean these from their Windows 7 computer then employ Remo MORE for cleaning with ease. MORE has earned a special credit for its super performance in the software industry and has become the first choice of users.

Steps to clean registry on Windows 7:

Step 1: Download and install Remo MORE on your system and then select Optimize option from main screen and then choose Registry Cleaner and then clean Registry from next screen. After that, select the type of scan method from upcoming window.

Clear Registry in Windows 7 - Optimize Main screen

Figure 1: Optimize Main Screen

Step 2: Remo MORE will start the scanning process as shown in figure below.

Clear Registry in Windows 7 - click on Repair

Figure 2: Scanning

Step 3: After scanning the Windows 7 hard drive MORE will list all the unused registry files as shown in figure below.

Clear Registry in Windows 7 - save repaired file

Figure 3: Select Fix Problems

Step 4: As soon as you click on Fix Problem button it starts cleaning registry files as shown below and finally displays a completion message.

Clear Registry in Windows 7 - save repaired file

Figure 4: Registry Cleaned