Best Tool to Fix WinRAR Files

In this corporate world, the files play a very important role as they store vital information related to personal and business fields. In order to store more and more files on computer or any other storage drive, people tend to compress the files to reduce the file size and save wide range of files. To accomplish this task, WinRAR is the perfect application that archives the files with RAR file format which supports file spanning, error restoration and compression. These compressed RAR files are split into two parts with file extension like a1.rar, a2.rar, etc. that in turn helps in transferring ample amount of information over internet and storing larger files on very smaller volumes.

However, these RAR archives are not at all fully safe, they can also get damaged for variable factors because of which you will not be able to extract WinRAR files. Worried a lot about the corrupted RAR file which contains vital information? And, now are you thinking about the possible way to access data from corrupted RAR files? Well, no need to get upset, as you have best WinRAR repair tool that can help you to fix corrupted RAR files and restore data from corrupted RAR files. This best WinRAR repair software is highly reviewed by industry experts who are involved in producing third party repair toolkits. So, if you want to learn more about this best tool to fix WinRAR files and extract lost information, then simply check out the given page link:

Some possible reasons behind WinRAR file corruption:

  • Incomplete Download: If any sought of interruptions takes place while downloading RAR files from internet, then it results in incomplete execution of file downloading process and corrupts the file structure of WinRAR file. But, in case you are looking out for some best program to repair WinRAR files, then you have got best WinRAR repair tool.
  • CRC Error: Before unzipping the compressed RAR files, if the rotating checksum of WinRAR archive do not match with each other, then after unzipping the RAR archive, error in CRC occurs that causes changes in RAW data of RAR file. This would make your WinRAR files unreadable resulting huge loss of files. To fix WinRAR file after CRC error you need help of best WinRAR repair software.
  • Renaming WinRAR Files: Renaming or changing the RAR archive with inappropriate file name extension will result in fix extension mismatch, which changes the meaning of the RAR file, leading to RAR file damage thereby making the file inaccessible and does not allowing you to extract the information causing severe data loss situation. However, with best tool to fix WinRAR files, you can extract all the data from corrupted or damaged WinRAR files.
  • Virus Attack: Virus / malware intrusion is the other most common reason which results in corruption of WinRAR files. Once the RAR files are infected from harmful viruses, then it becomes inaccessible and you will be unable to unzip the file causing failure of extraction process.

In order to tackle with all above defined WinRAR file corruption scenarios, you need help of best WinRAR repair tool. This application is read only tool which can repair inaccessible WinRAR files easily at your fingertips without causing any further damage to the existing corrupt WinRAR file. So if you are the one who is looking for a way to best tool to fix WinRAR files, then this tool is a one stop solution for you.

WinRAR repair program is built with powerful repair algorithms that scans the damaged WinRAR file and helps in retrieving all the stored data. You can run this tool to fix WinRAR errors on all editions of Windows operating system such as Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. This best WinRAR repair software has easy to use wizard-like interface, which can be used even by non technical users. It even allows you to fix WinRAR Zip Archive file with ease. To know more about the repair process Because of all these features this tool is considered as a best WinRAR repair tool.

Guidelines to use best WinRAR repair tool:

Step 1: First, download WinRAR Repair software and install it on your system. Launch the software to open its home screen and select the corrupted RAR file by using "Browse" button as shown in figure A.

Best WinRAR Repair Tool - Main screen

Figure 1: Main Screen

Step 2: After selecting the corrupt RAR file to extract, click on "Repair" tab as shown in figure B.

Best WinRAR Repair Tool - Click on Repair

Figure 2: Click on Repair

Step 3: Now, choose the location from where you want to extract the corrupt RAR file and then click on "Save" option as in figure C.

Best WinRAR Repair Tool - Save Repaired File

Figure 3: Save Repaired File